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We take pride in our construction management approach and attribute our continued success to maintaining open and continuous communication with each client. The Western Trades team puts strong emphasis on integrating the design and construction phases of each project which allows for prompt and informed decisions to be made by all parties involved. Our company performs a variety of services as a Construction Manager and acts as a coordinator to ensure that all scheduled activities and procurement of materials are being completed on time. For each project we manage, Western Trades engages in a “team” approach with the owner and the architect to encourage constant communication and collaboration between all parties involved. We are consistently able to deliver projects within a condensed timeframe, typically with cost savings to the Owner, without compromising our high-quality service.

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Serving Cache Valley and Bear Lake

Not too big, not too small

Western Trades is a small residential construction firm that has been in business here in Cache Valley since 2015. We fill the niche between the ‘one-man show’ and the production builders. We have enough staff to handle several jobs while still giving every one of them the attention to detail they deserve and a truly custom experience.

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